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Item# OM005

OMIN® plus
Collagen Elastin Vita C-E iposome Botanical Extracts 
OMIN Plus for healty skin  
Nourishing Repairing Daily Cream with Moisturizing

Collagen ,a structural protein that gives elasticity to the skin  and blood vessels.The anti-oxidant Vitamin C glycosphere in the form of  liposome gives the effect to convey and deeply penetrate  through the  inner layer , continuously release to support collagen and  elastin synthesis.Specially formulated to help keep skin looking young.  Daily use  ,day  and  night , protect free radical nourish repair keep natural moisture level to skin.

Active Ingredients :

Soluble Collagen 
Hydrolyzed Elastin
Botanical Extract s
Safflower Oil
Vitamin C-E Liposome